Spirit Weavers’ Earth Ethic on Giving Back

03 Feb Spirit Weavers’ Earth Ethic on Giving Back

Earth Ethic

The Spirit Weavers Gathering embraces a community of sisters who pledge their loyalty to the Earth.  We have immeasurable reverence for the beauty of this planet and are also grounded by the stunning collapse of natural communities that has been called the Anthropocene Mass Extinction. We feel the grief of this loss of life, but together we have the power and responsibility to set in motion a great healing.  As women we are called to action to stand as stewards of the Earth.

Soon we will gather together under the humbling redwood forests in the Southern Cascadian bioregion. We will sit underneath the tallest trees in the world and learn from these beings that have thrived for over 240 million years; before flowers, birds and spiders. Absorbing pollution from cars, power plants and industry, the coastal Redwood family is integral in the regulation of climate disruption, capturing more carbon dioxide than any other tree species. This sacred redwood forest is only found in a thin strip of land from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Siskiyou Forest in Southern Oregon, and it is an honor to stand with her.

This spring at Camp Navarro, we will use our collective dynamism to passionately and tenderly care for the forest that gives of herself so freely.


  • To replenish the soils with fungal spores, connecting the forest community by sharing nutrients between plants and retaining much needed moisture through the mycelial web
  • To promote biodiversity by planting endangered native species, such as the redwood orchid, and removing invasive species that outcompete
  • To restore the riparian zone of the generous Navarro River and help the Salmon return home to spawn, thereby continuing the nitrogen cycle needed for these great “Salmon Forests”

As we nurture the forest at Camp Navarro, we will restore our relationship to our primordial Mother from which we came. With our hands in the dirt, we will grow and strengthen our bonds as sisters and our livelihood on this Earth. You are invited—and direly needed—in this mycelial web of Earth healers. We will take the instruments of regeneration to our communities and together we will shape a new culture of reverence and resilience.

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