An Elder Account of Spirit Weavers

I was deeply honored when my daughter invited me to attend the Spirit Weavers Gathering with her this year.  She has been to previous gatherings and wanted to share the experience with me.  Like most mothers of adult children, we try to show up when asked. After journeying over 3,000 miles I arrived with an open heart and excitement that I was going to spend five glorious days deep in the northern California redwoods. At sixty, I was embraced into the community of “crones” at the gathering and delighted to immerse myself into this beautiful community of women ranging from newborns to ninety-year olds from all over the world.  I was in awe of the young mothers who travelled far and camped with their babies and young children.

One of the most moving aspects was the recognition amongst the crones that we had, in fact, been invited not just to participate but, more importantly, to witness the joy and commitment our daughters are making to live in honor of Mother Earth, embrace a true sisterhood, to raise their children with a global awareness of the environment and this shared sisterhood, and remember the lost art, craft, and nourishment of earlier generations. As a child of the 50’s I was raised by a mother who relished all things convenient, whether it was food, manufactured clothing, the onslaught of plastics and additives to our environment, and saw the lost philosophies and practices of my grandmother’s generation slipping away.

It was both refreshing and exhilarating to see a new generation of beautiful women excited to learn some of these lost crafts, share herbal remedies and knowledge, birthing stories, support and exchange trade, acknowledging the incredible talent brought forth. The celebrations, whether expressed through the cacao ceremony, or guided with loving hands through the Angel Wash, left me saturated with gratitude and love.  

It was a week of indulgence for me, enjoying some of the wonderful offerings of the healing village.  Gifted women shared their music, spiritual insight, massage therapy, and I was renewed through their caring ministrations.  My body was well nourished by the incredible food and my spirit was revived with the free flowing love and acceptance.  

I am so grateful to Amy Woodruff and her incredible staff and army of volunteers for pulling together the resources to make this gathering available to so many women.  I carry it with me now and look forward to future gatherings with joy and anticipation.”

-Nancy King


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