The Rejuvenation Ranch

I am raising funding and creative partnerships to acquire property in the mountains of Nederland, Colorado for the purpose of creating a retreat house for deep healing, rest and connection with nature.

The Rejuvenation Ranch will provide a space where time doesn’t exist. With an emphasis on restoration, contemplation and play, visitors will be encouraged to explore the land, to find their flow and allow life to slow down. Each guest’s experience is bespoke towards individual needs and requests.

Two neighboring properties in total are available for purchase: A ranch-style modern cabin home sitting on 37-acres ($1.2m), and a much larger lodge home and farm on 67 bordering acres ($2.75m). Although it is my intention to acquire both, I am first raising resources for the ranch property.

My Story

For the past handful of years, I have been blessed with the experience of living a dream life in the mountains of Colorado. My life has been based mainly on living slowly and fully in each moment, while educating myself through holistic experience. I’ve spent my days stewarding land and animals, caring for beautiful homes and herds of horses. My free time was spent developing my passion for nourishment and healing through food, while cooking harmoniously with nature. Healing and learning was my main intention over this time. The horses, the elevation and silence, the purity of food and water combined with the spontaneity of the wind and wild animals brought a deep sense of peace and restoration to my heart.

I deeply connected with one property in particular, a ranch-style cabin home high up in a mountain valley. Here, I began to dream about creating the Rejuvenation Ranch. As my dream grew, I began to feel more restricted. Since I was a non-owner caretaker to this vacation home, I was not able to share this magical experience with all of the souls I knew could benefit from living such a unique but also so familiar and ancient way of life. When the ranch closed down, I set out on a cross country journey to study more diverse property management, to cultivate my finesse as a host, and advance my artistry with horses. I immersed myself into my culinary passions, and together my horses and I were refining our skills and getting one step closer to a dream of sharing this healing space with the world.

Months went by and I felt called to head back west. Amazingly, the week I returned to Colorado the ranch I had spent so much time on became available for sale, sparking my drive to raise the support to purchase the property with the intention to share a restorative healing space with you.

The Property

The ranch borders a national forest and is set on 37 acres of tranquil meadows, towering ponderosas, and beautiful rock outcroppings. The property offers privacy, sun, lush meadows and an abundance of water. It features multiple fenced pastures, seasonal streams, outdoor riding arena, a 5-stall barn and access to many riding trails. Sun pours in through large windows, allowing guests to bask in the gorgeous setting. This property is within 25 minutes of downtown Boulder.

The Retreat Vision

The Vibe: At the ranch everything is optional and one can help out whenever they feel called, or just help by helping oneself and exploring what’s needed within. With an emphasis on rest and rejuvenation, guests will be encouraged to use their time on the land to find their flow and allow life to slow down. Spend the morning in the bath, the sauna or out on a nature walk, or nest for the day in a plush bed with meals delivered to your room. The ranch will be a place of peace where people come to restore, with no expectations, no pressure, and as little thinking as possible. Rejuvenators come to just be, and a willingness to slow down and experience is all that is needed. The surrounding environment includes scenic mountain ranges, a rolling valley and gentle animals.

Amenities/Activities: The retreat will have a sauna, claw foot tubs with sweeping views, fire pits, and a sweat lodge. Everything in the house will be eco-conscious, organic and as pure as possible, from the food and drinks to the linens, cleaning supplies and soaps. Daily meditation and yoga times will be available by choice as well as massage, acupuncture, sound baths and dozens of other healing modalities. Hiking, biking, ATVs and trail running are very popular in the area. Nature tours and treks to the hot springs and reservoir can be arranged as well as kayaking, canoeing, snow shoe experiences, cross country skiing, trips to area ski/snowboard resorts and many other enriching Colorado experiences.

Garden/Food Medicine: Part of the dream to bring the ranch to its fullest giving potential is to collectively build a permaculture garden. One of our first projects after purchasing the land will be to re-fence the pasture and set a zone for a large garden, which will also allow the horses more intimate access to guests for animal healing. When building this garden we will consult mountain gardening and permaculture experts and share the growth of land through classes and workshops. We will also co-create a food supply for future guests and educate the minds and hearts of all, our neighbors and visitors, with a practice of creating symbiotic growth relationships. Stays would include all organic vegetarian meals, snacks, drinks and juices.

Support the Ranch

Pre-purchase getaways to the ranch- stay and experience the amenities. See details below.
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Invest in Your Rejuvenation
A $5,555 give = 5 nights stay
A $11,111 give = 14 nights stay
A $111,111 give = stay 14 nights per year for 10 years
A $1,000,000 give = stay three weeks per year for as long as the ranch remains, with perks

*If ranch is not acquired by December 2016 your funds are returned, minus any fees if applicable. 

Invest in a Partnership
I am looking for an individual who could help secure the purchase of the first property. We would co-create a 3-5 year plan outlining the progression of the ranch finances and repayment. I see this as a very safe and socially green investment, as this venture will proved an opportunity for many to heal and grow while nourishing and beautifying a prime piece of Boulder county real estate. The previous owners of the land have slacked some on upkeep and this blessing allows the land to be purchased for a good price. Acquiring the home on the lower end of its value, and working on and adding to the property will leave the investor with a easily marketable home if ever the ranch needs to close its doors before full repayment.
Beyond the Rejuvenation Ranch retreat concept, the land is zoned forestry allowing for many ways to create revenue in living consciously with the natural and surrounding systems. Gardening and growing of medicinal plants, tincturing and preserving healing herbs, food production, lodging, retreat space and many more avenues will be utilized to create a sustainable and thriving shared community zone.
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