Exchange ideas, resources, skills and relationships to co-create solutions for a greater world

This age of connection offers us the opportunity to crowdsource solutions to solve some of our world’s greatest problems. By offering a platform of resource exchange where people and companies can collaborate, we can harness the collective powers of human heart, intelligence and connection to work together to benefit Earth and humanity. Our intention is rooted in unity, progression, and offering a faster and more fun way to socially co-create solutions.


Calling all thinkers and tinkerers, givers and gamers, builders and disrupters, poets and prophets, physicists and philosophers, artists and producers, moguls and mavens, teachers and healers – whatever form you feel fits. Come bring your wit and wisdom to see what kind of solutions and innovations we can brew up to co-create an even greater world for us all!

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While our community comes together, we share the stories and operational needs of people and organizations who are contributing to the progression and wellbeing of humanity or the protection of the natural world.

Elephant Refuge North America

Under the stewardship of renowned elephant expert Carol Buckley, ERNA will provide a new sustainable, eco-friendly, natural habitat home, where rescued and retired captive-held elephants will not merely survive, they will thrive in lives of freedom and autonomy.

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Spirit Weavers Gathering

We produce annual five day gatherings for women who come out to nature to practice feminine and ancestral skills, ensuring survival of their body and soul. Now in our fourth sold-out year, we are seeking land to steward, call home, and hold more frequent gatherings on.

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Pachamama Alliance

We protect rain forest land, empower indigenous communities and bring forth their wisdom to create foundations for an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world.

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