What is CoCre?

We are humble facilitators, artists and dot connectors, building a storytelling and crowd sourcing platform for causes, missions, initiatives and individuals to raise resources on. CoCre’s mission: Connect problems and needs with solutions that come from a happy and willing community of givers.

Compelling Social Action

As a giver upon launch, when you see a story/cause/mission that swells your heart, you can help it out by offering to:


Contribute an innovation that solves the problem or helps the mission.


Contribute funding to the issue/mission, or to solutions being created.


Feed the issue/project with your resources, time and skills.


Give love to the projects/causes that resonate with you. Most 'loved' projects will get extra boosts of awareness.


Follow projects, initiatives and solutions as they progress, enjoying updates through blogs, videos and photos.


Spread the word of causes and projects closest to your heart across your social networks.

Let’s co-create a greater world!

Become a part of the community that comes together and makes this all possible.

Contribute to CoCre’s momentum, introduce yourself below!

Co-Create Solutions

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